Worship and Sacraments

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Sunday Worship is from 10:00am to 11:00am.  Fellowship follows immediately in the Fellowship Hall.


Holy Communion – First Sunday of the Month

The United Methodist Church affirms the real presence of Christ in Holy Communion, but does not hold to transubstantiation. The church believes that the bread is an effectual sign of His body crucified on the cross and the cup is an effectual sign of His blood shed for humanity. Through the outward and visible signs of bread and wine, the inward and spiritual reality of the Body and Blood of Christ are offered to believers. The church holds that the celebration of the Eucharist is an anamnesis of Jesus’ death, and believes the sacrament to be a means of grace,and practices open communion.

Holy Baptism – Please schedule with the Pastor

The Church believes that “Baptism is not only a sign of profession and mark of difference whereby Christians are distinguished from others that are not baptized; but it is also a sign of regeneration or the new birth. It believes that Baptism is a sacrament in which God initiates a covenant with individuals, people become a part of the Church, is not to be repeated, and is a means of grace. The United Methodist Church generally practices Baptism by sprinkling, pouring, or immersion and recognizes Trinitarian formula baptisms from other Christian denominations.


Confirmation – Scheduled by pastor based on number of youth.

The purpose of Confirmation at New Street  Church is to help students confirm their faith in God. We are focused on guiding and instructing Confirmands on the vows they are making in order to become professing members of the New Street Church.

Weddings – Please schedule with the pastor.

New Street Church considers it an honor to share in your wedding experience. We consider a wedding to be a worship service, therefore, a celebration before God of two lives joined into one. St. New Street Church asks all couples marrying here to seriously consider the central role of God in the marriage relationship and to understand their wedding as a sacred worship event involving all of the people attending. Premarital counseling is required of all couples who marry here.

Memorials/Funerals – Please schedule with the pastor.

Christians believe that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ gives them hope and cause for thanksgiving in the face of death. In this faith, we entrust those who have died to the infinite mercy and love of God. – The Methodist Worship Book, England

December 14, 2016