Saturday, April 8 at 8am to 12noon

The Board of Trustees is organizing a workday at the church on April 8 starting at 8am, and we would like to encourage everyone to help in any way possible. Cleaning and a few minor repairs will occur in most areas of the church, and lots of volunteers are needed. If you have a particular area of interest or concern, please sign up to volunteer and also make suggestions.

Look for the chart of volunteer duties on or before April 8 and sign up. Everyone, including our Youth, is invited to help in some way with this annual workday. You may also call the church office to sign-up or contact one of the officers (Will Cleaver, Judy Pitzer or Becky Lidgerding) or any member of the Board of Trustees. There will also be leaf cleanup and a few other outdoor chores.  

At 11:30 on our workday, we will take a pizza break with thanks to a generous pizza donor.  If you prefer to donate to our required cleaning supplies for the day, you may certainly participate in that way. Supply list includes:  bathroom cleaners, window cleaners, furniture polish such as Pledge, Murphy Oil Soap, boxes of rags, and paper towels.

Monetary donations will also be accepted for supplies by one of the officers or Carol Goldthorpe. Bring your cleaning gloves and buckets and join the church’s spring cleaning efforts on

April 8.

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