Read the Bible in 90 Days – Week 5

Read the Bible in 90 Days – Week 5

Reading Tips

  • We are halfway through the Old Testament and have so far completed 1/3 of Read the Bible in 90 Days. Congratulations!
  • 1 Chronicles reiterates events in 2 Samuel. It differs in that it is written after Judah returns from exile and is intended to encourage the returnees.
  • More encouragement is found in 2 Chronicles which covers the same events written in 1 & 2 Kings.
  • In the Book of Ezra, Cyrus becomes king of Persia and is led by the Lord to free the exiles to return to Jerusalem.
  • The Book Nehemiah celebrates the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem against significant odds.

Reading Schedule

Day Passage Begins    
29 (July 3, 2016) 1 Chronicles 6:1
30 1 Chronicles 18:1
31 2 Chronicles 2:1
32 2 Chronicles 18:1
33 2 Chronicles 32:1
34 Ezra 8:1
35 Nehemiah 10:1 – Ester 10:3 (stop)

Please use this convenient guide (published weekly in bulletin,, to follow along with the “B90” class in case you can’t make the bible study on Sunday’s at 11:30am in the library or if you don’t have a participant guide.  If you have any questions let me know.  I can be reached on or 304-267-9797.  David Gross

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