Read the Bible in 90 Days – Week 4

Read the Bible in 90 Days – Week 4

Reading Tips

  • (Note: no class today 6/26. Makeup class – 6/28, 900am, Library.)
  • 2 Samuel shows David becoming king over Israel and Judah. David is God’s man, but still falls short of perfection. But his faith in God remains constant.
  • 1 Kings opens with the reign of Solomon. Though then as the world’s wisest man, we see him being corrupted by worldly matters and the faiths of his wives and concubines.  His kingdom becomes divided upon his death.
  • In the Book of 2 Kings the divided kingdom and the succession of kings continues through the fall of Jerusalem.
  • This week’s readings can be confusing because many names are introduced making it hard to keep track. Also some events are described more than once. Finally, the kings of Israel and Judah are handled in rapid fire succession.
  • To reduce confusion, focus on the patterns of behavior by the various kings rather than the specifics. Kings that distinguish themselves will become obvious.

Reading Schedule

Day Passage Begins  
22 (June 26, 2016) 2 Samuel 3:22  
23 2 Samuel, 17:1  
24 1 Kings 2:1  
25 1 Kings 11:1  
26 1 Kings 22:1  
27 2 Kings 10:1  
28 2 Kings 21:1 – 1 Chronicles 5:26 (stop)  


Please use this convenient guide (published weekly in bulletin and to follow along with the “B90” class in case you can’t make the bible study on Sunday’s at 11:30am in the library or if you don’t have a participant guide.  If you have any questions let me know.  I can be reached on or 304-267-9797.  David Gross

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