JCCM Current Needs

While donations are always welcome, here’s a list of items we are currently in need of:
Men’s jeans (sizes 30-36), Women’s underwear (sizes 6, 7 and 8), Bath towels, Hand towels, Sheets, Pillows, Toiletries, especially dish soap, Maple syrup

In the category of ‘larger items’, we need a refrigerator for the food pantry as one of ours is fading into the sunset. We also need shelves for the food pantry to stock our dry goods.

Jefferson County Community Ministries Summer Programs
We have been invited to join in a summer program to provide lunches to hungry children. Buses will be going out into the county, carrying lunches, books and activities for the children who live in the Shannondale and North Jefferson areas. We have been asked to collect and pack that food for delivery on the Friday buses.
Our plan is to collect food throughout the week (see a suggested list below) and begin packing Thursday afternoon so our gifts are ready for delivery on Friday.

Food List Ideas

Single serve microwavable items, such as mac & cheese, soups, stews
Single serve flip top cans with beans & wieners, tuna, Vienna sausage
Pop tarts, granola and energy bars, fruit cups, fresh fruit
Shelf milk (no refrigeration required), juice boxes
Snack size bags of chips/pretzels/crackers/popcorn
Boxes of raisins, bags of peanuts, trail mix, dried fruit

This is another opportunity to demonstrate how much this community cares about others. Let us know if you are able to help with packing the food.

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